Hey there! My name is Isabella, but I'm mostly known around the internet as Isa-Love-Anime /o/

I'm a 21 years old Brazilian girl majoring in Design, aiming to specialize in Graphic Design. As obviously noticeable by my name, I'm a huge fan of Animes and Manga XP I'm also very addicted to videogames and I have many, many different interests. Things that I love doing the most are drawing, writing, messing with Photoshop, playing games, reading books, overall browsing and doing stuff in the computer, and mainly creating OCs and stories for my several beloved fandoms~ >w< (I have some original works too) I'm very passionate about those.

This is a personal blog and contains a lot of my interests and things that tell about me, as well as my own opinions and posts about myself and my life. I do those a lot Lol Some of my main fandoms can be found below, and for a full list you're gonna have to wait until I make a post/page with my tags and everything I like, because it's WAY TOO MANY stuff, seriously XD

Also, I'd like to say beforehand that I do not like Yaoi at all, so you won't find this here. Just to let it clear. Everybody has the right to enjoy whatever they want, so you have to respect my opinion as well.

Current Obsession(s): Full Metal Alchemist and Agents of SHIELD

My favorite Animes/Games (fandoms) are:

- Yu-Gi-Oh <3
- Kingdom Hearts <3
- Naruto
- Pokémon
- InuYasha
- Full Metal Alchemist
- Final Fantasy
- among many others... xDD


I made new gifs 8D

Of Brutal Legend this time! XDD I’ve missed this game, ever since I finish getting all the Multiplayer/Stage Battles trophies I stopped playing… Because I still haven’t found all the World thingies like Buried Metal and the Landmark Viewers, but I’m too lazy to keep looking for them right now ‘OTL (And I’m NOT cheating! 8I)

My sister and I had already decided that we NEEDED a gif of this phrase, it has already become a recurring thing here in our house 8D And I dunno, it’s one of the best things Eddie says!! A GIF WAS ULTIMATELY NECESSARY.

And here’s another version, without the “You stupid” part! xD

That’s how we mostly use it at home. When we’re mad at something we go “MOTHERFFF-FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT” XDDDD


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